Gerry Lane Chevrolet - Gerry Lane service nightmare!

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Under the mistaken idea that the dealership's service could complete a relatively easy job correctly, (even though it might be somewhat pricey)

* They charged me for unauthorized work

* Left parts out or unsecured (bolts missing so the part was just flopping around. Discovered after inspection when wife came home with the vehicle

* Did not even re-install a bracket that had to be moved to complete the job (not bolted in place and not even positioned correctly)

* Crossed ignition wires to the vehicle was miss-firing badly when it left the dealer (It had NEVER had a miss or any other problem prior to this).

* The service engine light came on right after it left the dealer parking lot! (Never had a problem like this prior to the service)

*Attempted to claim that the problem must have been preexisting or that someone else had caused the issues.

Had to take the vehicle to an independent service to find the cause of the miss-firing ignition and service engine light

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